Ed and Derence

I know I don't blog all that much anymore, but I'm trying to make a concerted effort to this year. This was something that I couldn't let sit. I'll try and post this video but for now, here's the link to the original youtube clip. Take a minute, give it a quick watch. Read this, and please pass this message on. RT it or just tell someone.

This is Derence Kernek and Ed Watson. Derence and Ed had been together 40 years. Much longer than most marriages and certainly longer than any Kardashain. Ed was diagnosed with Alzheimer's years ago and the two wanted to get married before the onset of the more serious mental stages of this crippling disease. Sadly, the stay on Proposition 8 was never lifted and Ed passed away (I'm sure with his hand in his loving partner's) before he had the chance to marry the love of his life. Before he even had the chance. These men were denied the opportunity to have their love recognized. Say that back to yourself. Denied the opportunity to have their love recognized. It disgusts me that theocratic policies are still commonplace in today's world. It disgusts me that minorities rights aren't protected, and held close. I can't watch this video without crying. I certainly couldn't imagine a world where the love I felt for another person wasn't recognized by a "state." I am so beyond thankful that I was raised in a home where it was taught to me that people's rights were not to be, and SHOULD NOT EVER be denied to anyone. To my friends in the US: Rick Santorum's Evangelical campaign revolves around hatred and inequality. He not only opposes gay marriage, but he strongly opposes the legal recognition of ANY same sex union. He wants to forcibly divorce any same sex couple that has been married over the last 10 years. He wants to reinstate DADT and ban same sex couples from adopting. His campaign runs on so-called "family values," however, the family values I grew up on, didn't deny me my rights to love anyone. To me, the fact that he calls this platform "Family Based" just bastardizes the word "family." We shouldn't forget that this man also thinks the world is only 5000 years old, has a "drill everywhere" policy for oil, is anti-abortion and thinks Global Warming is just a "junk science." Just please don't vote for this man. I don't ever want to think that this world could move so far backwards in time and elect a man like this into power. Pass this on if you can....

We're all supposed to have things we're passionate about.  One of the things that I'm passionate about is trying my hardest to ensure that everyone has the same rights that I do.  The same rights as a privileged, educated, heterosexual caucasian male of an - at least mostly -sound mind, living in western society.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this.  It's something I feel so strongly about.

Thank you, Sincerely. - Dan