Here's Heath Ledger on Communication.

There’s nothing that fascinates me more than a creative mind and these PBS Digital “Blank on Blank” interviews give us a little insight into the intellect of some of the most artistically inspirational minds we’ve ever known.

Their words have always been relevant, but “Blank on Blank” has given new life to these lost interviews with 20th century icons, some of whom are tragically no longer with us.

Their wisdom is priceless and these are worth a watch.

Here’s the late Heath Ledger on "COMMUNICATION." .


"People generally express more in between their sentences, when they're not speaking. Words generally are a disguise of who someone is or what they're feeling. Sometimes words are too complicated and they over-intellectualize moments. They're red herrings."


Check out the full archive on the Blank on Blank You Tube page.

Via Blank on Blank.